Private Limited

Hindustan Wire Mesh Private Limited manufatures wire cloth and filter element to custom specifications. It incudes the following weave types manufatured from Stainless Steel, Galvanized Iron (GI), Phosphor Bronze, Brass, Nickel, Steel to name a few:

Weave Types:

Plain Weave Wire Mesh
Plain Weave

Plain Weave Wire Mesh, is locked at every intersection point, thus the opening retains its form.

This weave should always be given preference, not only for support cloth but also for actual filter cloth.

Twilled Weave Wire Mesh
Twilled Weave

Twilled Weave Mesh, is locked at every second intersection point.

This weave is chosen when the wire diameter is thick when compared to the aperture. Nearly all filter cloth with more than 10,000 apartures per sq. cm must therefore be manufactured in twilled weave.

MiniRPD Weave Wire Mesh
MiniMesh RPD

MinMesh RPD, is a extremely durable wire cloth. The extra strong weft wire gives the cloth a high tensile strength and bursting pressure.

It has easy to clean and has a extermely high dirt holding capacity.

Five Shaft Weave Wire Mesh
Five Shaft Weave

Five Shaft Weave, is used mainly in chemical plants, aeronautical and astronautical industries.

It is also used for spinneret filters. We have pionered in manufacturing this woven mesh.

Filter Cloth SPW
Filter Cloth SPW

Single Plan Dutch Weave (SPW), the wrap wire are thick and relatively far aparat. The weft wire are much thinner and woven closer together.

It is mainly used for filteration perposes for many decades SPW mesh are easy to clean.